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J. R. Butler and Company

Staff and Independent Associates

Our combined staff average experience level is in excess of 20 years.  This experience is workdwide in both onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and development (see our Company Profile). The company has access to over 50 professionals who have expertise in specific technical disciplines. Geographical experience includes Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America, Russia and the Middle East. We provide geophysical and geological basin analyses including risk analysis, exploration and development drilling planning, formation evaluation, reserves estimates, production forecasts and cash flow evaluations to assist your company in ints operations. We also provide various services such as property sale/acquisition evaluations, production operations management, reservoir unitization and audits, enhanced recovery assessments, petrogeophysical studies, petrophysical and well log analysis, wellsire engineering, environmental analysis, and litigation support. Below is a list of some of our professional staff and independent consulting associates.

Professional Staff:

Brian E. Ausburn

John R. Butler, Jr.

Nels E. Voldseth

MS, Geological Engineering

BS, Chemical Engineering

MS, Geology

Independent Consulting Associates:

Robert Arztberger

David Eickhoff

Ray J. Forbish

Raymond T. Garcia

George M. Harwell, Jr.

Donald R. Jones

James L. Kosub

Ronald L. Lang

Larry Martin

Michael F. McCardle

Bill S. McGowen

L.K. Nemeth

J. Roger Palomino

H. Michael Penley

Gary Pointer

John R. Rayne

Gordon B. Reid

Orlando Sanchez

Robert A. Wattenbarger

T.R. Wittick


BS, Petroleum Engineering

BS, Mechanical Engineering

BS, Mining/Petroleum Engineering

MS, Petroleum Engineering

MA, Geology

MS, Operations Research

BS, Petroleum Engineering

BS, Petroleum Engineering

BS, Petroleum Engineering

MS, Geophysics

BS, Geology

PhD, Petroleum Engineering

PhD, Geology

MS, Geology

MS, Geology

MS, Petroleum Engineering

BS, Geology/Physics/Mathematics

BS, Geology

PhD, Petroleum Engineering

MS, Physics


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